S.A. Gashuku 2020

The gashuku in Mossel Bay, taught by Kancho Rony and his team from Israel, is fast approaching and the gashuku committee requires some information to assist us with final arrangements.

Firstly, there will be two evening classes in Cape Town taught by Kancho in the week leading up to the gashuku (see the schedule below). Please indicate by return mail whether you will be attending these classes. The fee is R400 for brown belts & yudansha and R200 for white & green belts. These must be paid to the Committee and NOT to the Mossel Bay account.

Mossel Bay gashuku training schedule February 2020
Day & dateActivity / event TimeDetail / designated group
Monday 17th FebruaryEvening training in Cape Town:  18:00 – 19:00 19:00 – 20:00Yudansha & brown belts All grades
Tuesday 18th FebruaryMeeting with seniors / dinner  
Wednesday 19th FebruaryEvening training in Cape Town18:00 – 19:00 19:00 – 20:00Yudansha & brown belts All grades
Thursday 20th FebruaryLeave Cape Town for Mossel Bay in the morning(drive takes ± 4 hours)
 Meeting with seniors in the evening
 Friday 21st FebruaryGashuku startsTraining schedule as arranged with Kobus sensei
Saturday 22nd FebruaryGashuku 
Sunday 23rd FebruaryGashuku concludes Departure for Cape Town after gashuku finished 

Dojo heads: please assist us by

  • Ensuring all your students have seen this message
  • Sending us the contact details of any new students so we can update the database
  • Notify us of any change to existing students’ contact detail

Late registrations can be accommodated. Should you still wish to attend, please be in touch with the gashuku committee as soon as possible.

Please feel welcome to direct any other queries directly to the Gashuku Committee by email at ct-gashuku.committee@karate-do.co.za

Kind regards