Shihan Sydney Cohen

Shihan Sydney joined Karate-Do in 1983 at the age of 38. He had trained and taught martial arts (since attaining his green belt in 1985) under Hanshi Denis St. John Thompson in his Honbu Dojo in Cape Town until 2007, when he and his fellow Shihan left Karate-Do to pursue a new direction.

As an eternal student, Shihan Sydney has gone to Gashuku’s every year since a beginner (white belt) and from 3rd Dan attended senior Bushi training every year. He has competed in local competitions, attaining Western Province colours, and trained overseas in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hungary and Israel. He obtained 5th Dan and the rank of Shihan in 2001. The highlight of his martial arts career was when he was allowed to join Karate-Do International Renmei under the dynamic, innovative and charismatic leadership of Kancho Rony Kluger, 9th Dan who is also Hanshi of the Dai Nippon Butokukai International Division (a highly prestigious organisation).