Saifa focus group in Durbanville

On 26 June, Shihan Brian Jooste visited our dojo and gave a superb class on Saifa kata. Within an almost 2-hour class (that seemed to be over far too soon), sections of the kata were drilled as stand-alone exercises and then as workable applications in partnerwork. More was learned from the drills and applications than would be learned from just repetitively doing the kata, and there was content available for all grade levels.

It now remains for the dojo and participating students, to take this content and refine it, and infuse it into their individual kata.

From left to right: Shihan Brian Jooste, Amanda Nightingale, Noel Nightingale, Helen Matthee, Brian Botha, Sensei Brian Woodland. Not in photo were Monique Basson-Vosser (she took the pic) and Noah Fourie (who had to leave the class early.)

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