Randori (乱取り ?) is a term used in Japanese martial arts to describe free-style practice. The term denotes an exercise in 取り tori, applying technique to a random ( 乱 ran) succession of uke attacks. The actual connotation of randori depends on the martial art it is used in. In our school, randori becomes a grading requirement from green belt level and above.


On the left is shihan Brian Jooste (5th dan), and in the centre is sensei Brian Woodland (4th dan) sparring with sensei Mauro Pereira (4th dan) of Durban (KZN) dojo. Kancho Rony Kluger (9th dan: Israel) is observing next to the photographer. Others in the pic are sensei Filippo Mestichelli of Cape Town dojo and sensei Kurt Wucherpfennig of Kalk Bay dojo.