November Grading

Congratulations to the following students who were promoted on 2 November;

Aiden Vietch (Durbanville) – Jnr White; 3rd level

Luke Fittock (Durbanville) – Jnr White; 3rd level

Ruan Swanepoel (Durbanville) – Jnr Orange; 3rd level

Noah Fourie (Durbanville) – Jnr Orange; 5th level

Carla Haughton (Helderberg) – Jnr Purple; 1st level

Deon Grobbelaar (Durbanville) – Green 2nd level

Helen Matthee (Durbanville) – Green 2nd level

Noel Nightingale (Durbanville) – Green 2nd level

Loren Barale (Helderberg) – Brown 2nd level

Stewart Solomon (Kalk Bay) – Brown 2nd level

… the journey continues.

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