Kalk Bay

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Kalk Bay Community Centre

Main Road,

Kalk Bay

Dojo Head: Sensei Kurt Wucherpfennig (5th dan)

Sensei Kurt Wucherfenning 4th Dan of Kalk Bay dojo started his martial arts career in 1981 in Plumstead dojo under the guidance of Sensei Len Resnekov(now Shihan, and based in Australia).

Although Sensei Kurt spent most of his youth in the Plumstead dojo, as an adult he trained in the Claremont dojo under Sensei Mike Chong. From brown belt he was invited to join senior training at Honbu Dojo under Hanshi Denis St John Thomson in the Jameson Street dojo in Cape Town and was awarded his 1st dan ranking by Hanshi Denis in 2000.

His 2nd and 3rd dan ranks where signed off by Hanshi Denis but when under the tutelage of Renshi Nico Bester who headed up the school after the passing of Hanshi Denis in 2009 and Sensei Kurt was awarded his 4thdan at the schools national gashuku in 2010. In 2019 Sensei Kurt was awarded 5th dan by Kancho Rony Kluger.

In order to gain international experience he traveled to Switzerland and the UK in 2006 and has sought further understanding by training briefly in Aikido (2yrs) and attended ongoing instruction in Brazilian Jujutsu under Graham Turner (5th dan). Sensei Kurt opened the Kalk Bay dojo in 2003 where he has remained the guiding force and principle instructor assisted by sensei Etienne De Villers and the senior students.

When not in the dojo Sensei Kurt works in the Real Estate industry in the Southern Suburbs.

Instructor: Sensei Etienne De Villiers (4th dan).

Sensei Etienne started doing Tai Chi in 1994, and changed over to Karate-do in 1995, and then continued training predominantly under Shihan Mike Chong, and Shihan Leonard Martinus. He graded to Shodan in 2002 and Nidan in 2006 under Hanshi Denis St John Thomson. In 2019 Sensei Etienne was awarded 4th dan by Kancho Rony Kluger.

He then joined Karate-Do International SA in 2007 and was promoted to Sandan in 2011 by Kancho Rony Kluger. He attended numerous special training courses, festivals and gashuku’s over the years, of which the 2003 International Gashuku in Stellenbosch, the 2005 Weapons Gashuku in Cape Town, the International Swiss Gashuku in Stansstad in 2006, the Mossel Bay Gashukus in 2011 and 2018, and the school’s 45 Aniversary Gashuku in Hungary in 2017, are highlights.

Etienne-sensei currently trains at the Kalk Bay and Cape Town CBD dojos.

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