Kalk Bay Dojo produces the goods.

At the recent SA National Gashuku, Kalk Bay dojo romped home with no less than four new dan promotions, some at a very high local level. Sensei Kurt Wucherpfennig was promoted to 5th dan, an awesome achievement, but befitting of his decades of karate training. Sensei Kurt has also actively trained in ju-jitsu and aikido to supplement his karate training.

Also in the senior ranks was sensei Etienne De Villers who was promoted from sandan to yondan (4th dan). Many years of training and perseverence have been recognised by this grade.

The dojo also obtained two new shodans (black belt – 1st dan). Clive Bester and Dessert Nzembe, both of whom did really excellent grading performances.

Congratulations to all four, and to the fine dojo for producing great students and quality Okinawan goju-ryu.

Sensei’s all… Kurt Wucherpfennig (5th dan), Clive Bester (1st dan), Dessert Nzembe (1st dan), Etienne De Villers (4th dan)

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