Into 2020 with Durbanville Dojo

Well, here we are….., 2020 has arrived!!

Our dojo is 23 years old. Still in its infancy and with much to learn still ahead.

2019 was a great year for the dojo in terms of personal growth across a wide front of grade levels.

It has been most gratifying to see us sitting with students on the cusp of achieving their ‘shodan’ (black belt, first degree) grade. Probably the most difficult and elusive grade to achieve. The assessment process considers a mix of ability, understanding, and maturity. Indeed, evidence of personal ‘change’ is a key component in Kancho Rony’s view. And so, to those heading for shodan, can you shake off old habits and risk focussing on different (weaker/more uncomfortable) areas of your training in order to achieve the metamorphosis from mudansha to yudansha?

Our greenbelt-kai is solid with a mix of talents and there is absolutely no doubt that all are capable of being promoted to brown belt within the foreseeable future. ‘Sticking’ to the basics, and regular disciplined training remains the number one driver of success.

..and our white belts. Well, if you are unsure of what you can achieve, just know that all of the students graded ahead of you were also unsure, and their time and effort proved more valuable than any natural talent could. Keep up the attendance, that’s the first discipline. The dojo will provide the rest.

On the Juniors (Under 16) side, the story is the same. Great progress being made, particularly by those who train hard and regularly. The discipline of regular attendance is a chore that falls upon the parents, and so to the parents, your kids will, one day, thank you for your sacrifice. Get them to the dojo, and the training time will do the rest.

Karate-do is not about fighting as much as it is about a way of life. It is about learning to respect others, irrespective of their ability, wealth, looks, etc. Accepting that there is always room for personal improvement, whilst at the same time helping others in their journey. Karate-do mixes confidence with humility… and hardness with softness and promotes the mindset of always trying harder. There are no cups or medals in our school. Achievement is a personal battle and success is displayed in the character of the student. A medal is not necessary for the world to see this.

So, into 2020 we head. As always, minor adjustments but the way ahead remains clear. On the administrative side, the following points should be noted;


Annual Affiliation Fee remains unchanged at R400 per annum, payable on 1 February. This fee covers affiliation to Karate-Do International in Tel-Aviv, Israel where our Honbu Dojo is located.

Monthly training fees will move from R360pm to R380pm wef 1 February. The increase is to pre-emptively cover the rent paid to the Scout Group for the use of their venue.

Class Times

Class times will be adjusted to increase the Juniors class by 15 minutes and now end at 6pm as we have found that 45 minutes is just a tad short and a 25% increase in training time will have a valuable impact on the kids’ progress.

Adults classes will be back to 6pm until 7-30pm, but the final 30 minutes will be geared for more advanced students. Green belt and higher.

We start classes on Monday, 13 January… bring a friend who you think will benefit from training!

‘see you all next Monday….

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