Covid-19 and Partnerwork


Dojo Protocols

  • Arriving at Dojo: Sanitize, temperature check and personal declaration.
  • During class:
    1. Social distancing between students approx 1.5m to 2m apart
    2. Formal line up = 2 abreast. (Pre-covid was 3 abreast.)
    3. Masks:
      1. Upon entering, masks are on.
      2. During class, masks may be on or lowered, depending on student choice and nature of exercises. (Usually during training breaks or at times when minimal kiaai is required.
  • Masks at ‘half-mast’ (ie on but not covering nose) are not permitted. All students should be able to see if a mask is either on or off and make personal decisions about appropriate spacing.
  • Kiaai with mask off to be avoided.
  •  Partnerwork
    1. No contact partner work is undertaken.
    2. If the instructor effects demonstration or other physical contact with a student, then both parties will sanitize hands/arms thereafter.
    3. Partnerwork is theoretical and with partnered students spaced 2m to 3m apart.
  • General
    • Students are expected to act responsibly and with respect for others.
    • Your vaccination does not protect other students. You might still infect another student. (even though chances are reduced, it remains a possibility.)
    • If a student has been exposed to an infection at home, work or school, then the dojo head should be advised and no attendance at the dojo by that student for 14 days from the time that the dojo head was advised.
  • Sanitize at end of class.

Proposed protocol changes for consideration.

Self-defence capability is heavily reliant on regular and ongoing partner work. This ingrains a sense of timing, distancing, appropriate power/control without which fighting ability is fatally compromised.

As we exit the 3rd wave, and simultaneously, more and more of us have the opportunity to be vaccinated, we are (arguably) in a position to better manage our relationship with the virus. Potential viral load in the dojo environment is reduced through reasonable ventilation (the windows are small, but they are all open), adherence to protocols, and common sense. It is with this in mind that we are considering re-introducing partner work, using a ‘phased approach’.

Initially, light partner work is envisaged using mainly longer-range attacks/defences. Masks will be obligatory, and sanitisation before and after working with a partner will also be enforced.

Sticky/close-quarter training will be conducted at low intensity, and I will main control over practical aspects at all times.

Students will sanitize hands and forearms before and after partner work with each different partner.

Please let me have your thoughts on these risk-adjusted protocols. Students are encouraged to approach me with any thoughts or concerns. I encourage feedback and suggestions as I want all to be comfortable with the way forward. If I hear from no one, I will assume all are happy to proceed as suggested.

Warm regards


I am happy with the suggested new protocols.