Sensei Lourens visits Roodepoort Dojo

On Saturday 1st December 2018 there was a 3 hour long training session at Roodepoort dojo, led by sensei Lourens de Vries of Somerset West dojo. The training was aimed at white belts, with a bit of food for thought for more senior levels. The main theme of the training was to eliminate unnecessary movement, to understand the application of basic techniques in a real situation and to make the student understand that kihon, ippon and kata are inextricably linked.

The training started off with a good old-fashioned workout with punching weights, aimed at improving control and letting the participants become aware of exactly where the limbs are. That was followed by a session of partner-work, using combinations from various kata. The final session was about understanding kata as a real sequence with applications for every move.

The the aim of the days training was to encourage students to think about and explore their karate under the guidance of their instructor(s).



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