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    Dear Shihan and Sensei December 2010

    Hope you all well and in good health. 2010 was a good, positive and successful year for our own Warriors Family. We made serious steppes forward with a clear aim to upgrade and improve our very own KAI, Budo society. Throughout 2010 we started a fresh, encouraging journey with Nishime Sensei on the path of Yamanni Ryu Kobudo, to finally cement a solid ground to our Kobudo training.

    We run successful Gashukus in South Africa: first time all S.A. Yudansha from JHB, Mosselbaai and C.T. joined forces with grace and friendship ! …pure pleasure. We hosted first Nishime Sensei for Kobudo gashuku followed by our Karate Do gashuku ended with a successful senior Yudansha grading. Australia the next: First time, sadly without Jonathan Sandler Shihan, it was a pleasure to see all together in the Melbourne gashuku, great training, good quality and finally successful Yudansha grading. Thanks to Shihan Gordon from Cape Town, for assisting and joining us, a most valuable input. We wish success,wisdom and a thoughtful leadership to Brett Varga Sensei in leading our Melbourne Dojo and success to Balazs Sensei in building up successfully our Sydney Dojo. Systematic, hard work is the key factor to make it.

    Next, Hungary Gashuku: Attila Shihan on move, leaving a Dojo settling down in a new, fresh Dojo, fine performance at gashuku and Yudansha grading. We would like to wish Attila Shihan positive energy to build up the new Dojo, pull together the forces of Karate Do in Hungary.

    Honbu Dojo has a most vibrant year, excellent, highly participated Gashukus (24 hours, Beach and Kibbutz).

    We welcome Karate Do U.K. our new branch under the experienced leadership of Patrick Kalis,Sensei. We looking forward to the upraise and development of the Dojo in the U.K.

    We are happy to announce the start of our branch New Zealand under the leadership of Graham Cecil Abbott Sensei, wish Graham Sensei a smooth start and a fine build up in a new country. No question it is a great development in the Oceania region.

    Finally we would like to welcome Mauro Pereira, Sensei our man in Durban, Mauro Sensei joining forces with our Cape Town Shihan kai.

    As for 2011. We are a major presence in the circle of international Budo family. We are proud, loyal members and accredited by the Dai Nippon Butokukai, Sho Honbu Jundokan, International Budo Academy, International Traditional Karatedo Organization, IBSSA – ISF and of course our very own Karate Do International Renmei. Undoubtedly, all our great feats of accomplishments in the last decade were by-product of everyone’s committed effort. Regardless the ranks and titles, skills and experiences, age and gender, and cultural background, we consider everyone is important in our Family of warriors, because they can contribute small to large degree to the same nobility and spirit of Butoku which we all cherish and respect. Fundamentally, as a Budo trainee, we have the same common foe facing the personal limitations and tough enemies within ourselves in the process of training, while polishing Waza (technique) and cultivating character. When one decides to become a member, they are essentially committed to the common ground of austere Bushido ethics and warrior’s cult of excellence, loyalty and comradeship. We thus admire such courageous attitude and unmovable conviction of being a decisive man of honor. We are therefore proud of such binding association throughout our lives. We also wish everyone to succeed in their never-ending journey as Budoka/Karateka/Gojuka. It is known the road to mastery is far and deep, yet that is a marvelous path no one can fathom fully the depth of impact in self-development until one plunges into the ring of fire and storm of serious Keiko (training).

    At 2011: January we visiting Okinawa to train, learn and paying respect to our Seniors. March we meet in South Africa as usual JHB – Mosselbaai – Cape Town, looking forward for an excellent gashuku and exchange of experience. February, Honbu Dojo Promotion Course + 100 Randory, April Hungary Gashuku, May 24 hours Gashuku, July Beach gashuku that leads to our main event of 2011: the International Kibbutz Gashuku, hope to see you all our Yudansha worldwide. We strive to make another important step forwarding Yamanni ryu Kobudo with Nishime Sensei at our Kibbutz Gashuku, August 2011, details of the event will be announced later.

    I would like to ask all of you, please continue this process full heartedly, with all your will and drive. Be patient with your students ! Make sure they way up.

    We would like to keep up our professional standards, invest hard work to keep improve them constantly.

    Please keep up fine communication lines and always try your very best!!!

    I would like to wish you and your family a most enjoyable holiday seasons, very happy and a most successful New Year.

    May it will be a year of strong and positive spirit, peace and professional advancement for all of us.

    I wish you all a healthy and active New Year, times of ability to dream and create, times of good planning and ability to materialize the expected and also the non expected. Year of fine senses to see and focus on the main points. Looking forward to see you all, with all my thoughts, friendship and much care, always…

    Rony Kluger

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